BrandClick Partners With Glewed TV

ALISO VIEJO, Cali. Sept. 17, 2021- BrandClick and Glewed TV have reached a deal, giving BrandClick advertiser rights across streaming platforms including Amazon/ Roku/ iOS Apple Store/ Google Play Store/ Web OS. 

Glewed TV has given BrandClick advertising rights to fill their ad spaces across multiple platforms that will reach millions of users over many devices. BrandClick will work to pitch advertising slots to fill ad budgets from their numerous internal, external, and third-party connections, which will work to expand Glewed TV’s brand awareness. 

BrandClick partners with the Glewed TV team at a time of tremendous growth for our company as we have seen users digesting our content increase by over 5,000%,” said Michael Stevens, President, Glewed TV.“ More than 40 million people consume Glewed TV content on a monthly basis through our app and distribution partners. We are excited to partner with BrandClick to further help CTV programmers and distributors to monetize their content and connect brands with CTV audiences in new and exciting ways.”

The new partnership gives BrandClick a chance to gain more market share in the entertainment industry as they begin their entrance into the streaming space. With this being their first OTT introduction, they have opened up the opportunity to tap into the streaming service’s large user base as they show off their advertising expertise. This partnership gives them a chance to gain more traction within the entertainment industry, which has undergone a large pivot since cable’s disruption. 

Over the past decade, the streaming space has been persistently taking over cable’s strong position in the entertainment industry. This has allowed for a larger distribution of revenue to be allocated to advertisers, content developers, and streaming platforms as the OTT space opens up endless opportunities to become a competitor within the industry. Having unlimited content that is readily accessible opens the door for advertisers to get more ad exposure across multiple platforms and devices. The internet exceeds all the limitations of having just one main OTT platform, which offers an equal playing field for not only advertisers but streaming services as well. 

About BrandClick

BrandClick is a full-scale digital growth, marketing, and software development firm. With their digital marketing and advertising services, they work to partner with brands, such as Glewed TV, to help them expand their brand awareness and gain access to both their internal and external connections within the advertising realm. For more information about BrandClick or to inquire about a potential partnership please visit https://brandclick.com

About Glewed TV

Glewed TV, is a free, ad-supported, CTV/OTT (over-the-top) app with thousands of hours of riveting TV shows, movies, and documentaries. The streaming platform can be viewed anywhere from a variety of devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast TV, Fire TV, and on your Smart Tv (Samsung, LG, HiSense, etc.) and is utilized by millions of users each day. Their mission is to deliver riveting content to consumers for free anytime, anywhere, while providing fair and transparent advertising opportunities for marketers and a scaled distribution platform for content developers to showcase their work. Check out https://www.glewed.tv to check out their wide variety of content. 

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