Guide to Producing Content Creation

, Guide to Producing Content Creation

When it comes to creating your brand there is more than just forming relationships with your customers and clients. It is crucial to keep those relationships around, the most fundamental way of doing so is through content creation. What is content creation? Content Creation has many different hats that it covers, ranging from thinking, designing, creating, and sharing themes and subjects to your current clients. The various media channels these ‘themes and subjects’ can be put onto are blogs, social media; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., videos, infographics, and really whatever you want your content to be exposed too.

The next question you might be ask, why do I have to create content outside of what I’m selling or what my brand offers? Well the truth of the matter is customers remember great content. For example, when you think of well-known brands such as Nike, you may think of their slogan, “Just Do It”. Nike built this rememberable campaign that made the world think of their brand every time they hear “Just Do It”. So, if we are using Nike as an example, building content for your public is just, as if not more important than the actual products you are putting out to the world. When your public remembers who you are as a brand and can put “face to the name” they will be more likely to continue buying from you or even recommend you to others. To give you some numbers to prove the effectiveness of content creation; the Aberdeen Group found that at 2.9% and 0.5% respectively, content creation drives conversion rates six times higher for companies and brands that use content marketing, vs those that don’t.

To begin your process of content creation you and your company must first establish what goal you want to accomplish from it. May it be return of visitors, increasing website traffic, or making more relationships. The next process would be actually creating content; may you use popular ideals in the public and branch off of that, create the next big hit of mainstream content, or ask your public what they want to see from you as a company. Your brand needs to understand that content creation is for your public and is designed to notify as well as enlighten your customers into making you a trusted brand.

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