How To Be A Great Business Leader

The success of a company often comes down to a great business leader. Business leaders set the standard for setting goals, boosting team morale, and upholding the spirit and company culture of the business they represent. A business leader can be anyone regardless of your position. All you need to possess is the right skills and a diverse set of qualities to be a great leader. 

What it takes to be a great business leader 

Whether you’re the CEO of Google or a project leader of a new start-up, a good leader possesses numerous qualities and skill sets that contribute to the success of the business. Some of these qualities may come naturally to some, but if not, there is no need to panic as any of these can be learned, taught, and practiced. 

Pivoting is your friend, not your enemy 

You do not need to go to business school or pin down every outcome of the future of your business to get started on your big idea. The most successful outcomes come out of a ‘learn as you go’ approach, as you’ll maintain an open mindset throughout the whole process. I’ve interviewed my fair share of CEOs and business starters and all have said the same thing: don’t wait to act until you have figured out the full trajectory if you do, the idea will never leave the google doc and a curveball will most likely pivot (or destroy) the entire thing.

Everyone is human and makes mistakes. However, the biggest mistakes come when your perspective is narrowed to ‘following the premade plan’ which could lead to the failure of your entire idea. Make sure that you and your team stay aligned on the why instead of the what to maintain an open perspective. 

Never let your curiosity die

Maintaining curiosity is often what separates a great leader from a mediocre leader. Seeking out new ideas and business strategies is what’s going to constantly improve your business and strengthen your competitive edge. A great leader’s willingness and encouragement to try new things motivates the team to grow their curiosity as well. If your team is motivated to seek out new ideas and tactics then the business will have less of a possibility of falling flat and it will give them an incentive to want to do better. 

Self-assessment is key

Great leaders know when to take momentary pauses to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Examining your shortcomings and vulnerabilities will make your team stronger, as you can then delegate those weaknesses to team members that are stronger in those abilities. Defining your weaknesses will also allow you to see what areas you or your company need to improve on. Even the best leaders have areas that they can improve. 

Communication takes goals

First and foremost, a great leader is an even greater communicator. Even the best leaders can’t do everything on their own, so you need to make sure that your team is aligned with your vision to ensure that the business is successful. The best way to do this is by goal setting. Setting goals not only motivates your team to put in the hard work to get the job done, but it also clearly articulates the steps needed to achieve the desired results. If everyone is on the same page, you are guaranteed to be on the road to success. 

Create your own leadership style

There is no template or book that’s going to give you a step-by-step guide on the one type of leadership style that’s going to make you a great leader. Well, there is but it will make you a mediocre one at best. Great leaders cultivate their leadership style by piecing together various qualities, defining their strengths and weaknesses, and then adding their own creative flair to make it their own. There are different leadership styles that produce different results, and some pair with certain personalities better than others. Great leaders are able to adapt to what is needed at the present moment, by employing various qualities needed to achieve the desired goals. Understand what type of leader you are, and then use that to your advantage to motivate your team and make your business the best it can be. 

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