How to build a holistic website funnel with 50x – 100x better conversion rates than lead generation

Your business needs to create a high-intent website funnel; a funnel that will take high-intent conversions on your website and move them into a closed deal or sale. The good thing about this is that most people already have this funnel built. They just may not necessarily recognize how important it is, or they may not be spending a lot of time optimizing it as one of their most useful tools in driving sales. 

Reasons to build a high-intent website funnel:

  • Highest conversion rates 
  • Best aligned to how buyers want to buy
  • Lowest customer acquisition costs 
  • Best channel you can build on as a business





STEP 1: Optimize Customer Experience

Look at your business’s current website funnel process and optimize that process for your potential clients or customer’s experience and overall conversion. Go throughout your entire sales process to find ways that you can make it more efficient and pleasant for your clients or customers. Ask yourself, are you providing the buyer with enough information about the product or service to make an informed purchase? How many clicks does it take to get to the desired action? Such as, making a purchase or booking an appointment. 

Your business needs to split your current funnels and figure out which process is most beneficial for the buyer. The process should not be what makes it easiest or cheapest for you. It should be what makes it easiest for the buyer to complete the transaction. 


STEP 2: Build up in the funnel pre-conversions

Once you have optimized your customer experience and overall conversion process you need to build up in the funnel pre-conversions. In order to do this you need to cut out all the lead sources with poor conversion rates and or untenable CAC (customer acquisition costs).

The next step up would be demo page views and demo conversion rates through means of non-paid traffic, organic & direct traffic volume, and awareness channel engagement metrics. Use Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as a means of executing this. You can start to build out sources which feed into the holistic website funnel of the people who are converting by:

  • Run one event per week or month and then ramp it up & scale up
  • Get employees involved
  • Increase frequency & variations of posts 
  • Increase overall visibility and get it down to an algorithm 

Demo landing pages are typically included in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, at the bottom of the marketing funnel. In the decision stage prospects already know they have a problem, they evaluated all of their options, and are now deciding who to purchase from. 

From demo page views you can use Google analytics to see where the traffic flows into a specific page, so you can look at where the main sources of traffic are coming from to each page. 


STEP 3: Set your Business-level KPIs

Business metrics, also known as KPIs (key performance indicators) evaluate the success of an organization or a particular activity in which it engages. High intent leads, qualified pipelines, and revenue are great KPIs to measure and should come through this holistic website funnel. 

Set up your KPIs in such a way that recognizes multi-touch attribution which will give credit to a lot of performance marketing channels, organic & direct traffic, and other channels that aren’t able to be measured. 

A lot of it comes down to testing, recognizing, and executing. 

In setting up Google analytic type KPIs, traffic and website KPIs, and putting guardrails on it like non-paid and different things like that is to help marketers move in the right direction for the things that will actually drive revenue.

Optimize your intent channels to capture leads. This can be accomplished using brand affiliates, SEM (search engine marketing), and even review sites. 

Operationalize and scale your awareness channels to create demand. Once you have captured your target audience you can create more demand in creating podcasts, organic and paid social advertisements, community events, and more.

And remember, the best marketing is satisfied customers. 


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