How to Convert a Photo to Black & White in Photoshop

, How to Convert a Photo to Black & White in Photoshop

What is Photoshop exactly? Adobe Photoshop is a software application designed for editing images and retouching photos for use on Windows or MacOS computers. This graphics application offers users the ability to create, enhance, or otherwise edit images, artwork, and other illustrations. The Adobe platform has endless options that give way to making any of your design ideas possible, it is the most used software tool for editing and image manipulation.

Photoshop can seem overwhelming for those that are not familiar with the software, however, is quite simple once you understand all the settings the platform has to offer. Some of the elements include manipulating the color of an image, cropping images, adding text to images, removing people or objects within an image, and even drawing on images with a pen or pencil. Today we are going to be focusing on the manipulation of the color on an image with black and white.


Once you have an image opened in Photoshop, click on the layer tab and choose a new adjustment layer. Once you have done that, click on the black and white dialog box, Photoshop will automatically apply a default conversion to your image to black and white. From here you can adjust the conversion to your liking by choosing a preset in the pop-up menu or if you have a custom one saved you can use that. Another conversion you have the option of using is click auto which will analyze the image’s color values and thus convert it to grayscale. Another way is to use the sliders to adjust the settings of an image, you can drag the sliders left to darken or right to lighten the tones.

Lastly, you may select the tint button that will apply an overall color of black-and-white to the image. With this, you can adjust the hue and saturation sliders to change the intensity of that color. Or even using the color swatch to access the Color Picker, where you can select another color.


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