RedChirp Is Revolutionizing DTC Communications For Wine Industry Marketing

RedChirp is paving the way for tech innovation in the wine industry by providing a revolutionary platform for direct-to-consumer communications. The RedChirp platform enables wine businesses the ability to real-time communication with consumers through texting.

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“Wineries waste a lot of time and energy on phone tag,” RedChirp Founder, Jennie Gilbert explains. “Most people won’t pick up a call from a number they don’t know. Not only can you send 10 texts in the time it takes to make one phone call, but people also read and respond to text messages quickly.”    

Texting communication allows wineries to reply to their customers almost instantaneously. It also ensures that the messages are received and delivered to eliminate the possibility that the reply or call back doesn’t go unnoticed. 

“81 percent of consumers in competitive situations are likely to do business with the first person that gets back to them,” Gilbert points out. “RedChirp leans into that reality by not asking wineries to work harder, but by instead giving them tools to make it easy to reply faster with the staff they already had in place.” 

RedChirp will know who’s working and who isn’t, so there is no need for staff members to log in and monitor it 24/7. The platform won’t bother team members on their days off or during non-working hours and will text the right people to let them know if and when they are needed. RedChirp handles all the traffic control and provides complete visibility into every request and resulting conversation. 

SMS Marketing exampleJust like a standard text message, replying to webchat requests is just as easy. All you have to do is click ‘Reply’ and start typing. Every RedChirp user will have their own local and persistent RedChirp phone number which they can use to immediately text customers. Customers have the freedom to reply whenever it’s convenient for them and the conversation can last as long as anyone needs them to. The customer doesn’t even have to stay on the winery’s website. 

Gilbert’s research shows that 59 percent of customers reply to text messages sent with RedChirp within two minutes and 92 percent replied in less than 5. 

RedChirp’s bulk texting capabilities also make it easy to reach out to multiple customers at one time. This saves administrative time without losing the personalized edge so that customers still feel that the message was specially crafted for them. 

RedChirp can also be used to implement SMS Marketing strategies like sharing information about upcoming promotions, private sales, events, and new releases. Check out the article linked above for information on how to implement SMS marketing into your business strategy.

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