The Importance of Digital Marketing

During a world-wide crisis, it was left heavy on the world to figure out how to keep their businesses to stay afloat. However, during some of the most trying times it was proven to organizations that one of the most vital aspects of successful businesses is the importance of a digital presence. COVID-19 as detrimental as it is, proved to many in the business world how important it is to adapt during the circumstances that were dealt.


The majority of unicorn companies, such as Instacart, Google, and Amazon who have paved the way into online shopping and even interacting online, were barely affected and even flourished during peak times of the Coronavirus. This being because of their direct correlation of their digital marketing strategies that were put into place in the pre COVID-19 times. Even if your company is not selling tangible items online, one thing we can learn from these ‘unicorn companies’ is how applying a proper and well-executed digital marketing strategy can make your company prosper during uncertain times.


The main focus for a digital marketing strategy is to drive traffic to your choice of a media outlet. Whether it be your website or social media pages, the goal is to attract and engage with your target audience and get them to choose your company over the competition. The beauty of these marketing channels is that they are entirely online, resulting in the safety of others and social distancing. But consumers have a trail showing their digital data that tracks their all of their searches and monetizing among different channels.


After COVID-19, it became clear businesspeople everywhere that the traditional marketing can and perhaps even thrives better through digital alternatives. Although, many companies during this realized the lack of their company’s digital readiness. And that is where we come in, our team at Brand Click understands the importance of digital marketing and here to help you assist your company in any way you need.

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