Capitalizing on your Page Meta Description’s for SEO

Meta description, often referred to as a meta description tag or attribute, is an HTML element that explains and summarizes the content of your page that benefits the user as well as search engines. Search engines may even pull this snippet of text to use it to describe your page under its headline in the search engine results. Another way to view a page’s meta description is by right clicking the page you are on and selecting “view page source”. What will pop up once selecting will look something like this: <meta name=”keywords” content=”the page’s description, around one or two sentences” />


Its purpose is to simply get someone to click your link and is designed to help generate click-throughs from the various search engines. Although it is important to note that there is no direct impact on a page’s SEO. However, it does have an indirect advantage being that search engines use CTR or click-through-rate as a way to decide if your page is a good result. The more clicks your page has, the ‘better your result’ will be labeled and move up your page’s position on the search engine list. Which leads to the reasoning of why it is so crucial in enhancing your meta description.


A good, average character count for meta description is to stick to anywhere from 120 to 155 characters. Short and sweet is a good message to live by while creating your page’s meta description. The reasoning for this is to make sure the search engine doesn’t leave out any information if it puts the meta description below the headline in the search engine.


In your “short and sweet” meta description it is important to have a claim of action, making readers intrigued by your message thus hopefully ending in a click of your website. Include focus keywords to your meta description, this will only make the search engines more inclined to use and highlight the word or words in its search results. With this in mind it is imperative that what is stated in your description matches up with what is on your page, don’t try and trick users by creating an exciting description that has no relevance to your specific page. That may only result in search engines penalizing your page and lowering it among the search results. And lastly, make your meta description stand out compared to the rest. If there is competition, try and find unique ways to set your page out from other pages by either using different keywords or even spicing up what you have had and creating a new flare to your original description. In fact, writing fresh, new creative meta description is one of the best ways to help your page outrank other pages. Here at Brand Click we simplify all your company’s needs from meta descriptions to SEO, whatever you need we can do for you to put the best version of your company forward possible.

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