10 Tips for Email Marketing

  1. Make your subject line stand out It is so important to make your subject line for any email you send stand out, because it is the very first aspect your recipient will see. If it doesn’t capture the attention of your reader, they are probably going to delete before ever even opening it. Some guidelines that are great to stick too are: short and sweet, using a question, make it intriguing, and/or use numbers!


  1. Use message previews Using message previews can benefit your company and its email marketing strategy immensely because it can make your email stick out from the rest. Since most email services offer this brief preview for emails it gives way to provide opportunity to entice the readers into viewing your email instead of just deleting it.


  1. Make it individual Although you might be sending out a mass email to many people, make sure you are mindful that your email still sounds personal. You want the person receiving your email to feel as if it was specifically made just for them, and not that it was for a mass list of people.


  1. Have a clear message Make sure there is purpose within your email. Put in place a goal and have there be direction, don’t try and add too much “fluff” in the email. It is more effective to have a short and direct, to the point email leading to more people reading the full email avoiding a flop.


  1. Know what works Review your previous email campaigns and assess to see what has worked in the past. This can be very useful in deciding what tactics you should use again. Don’t guess what works, prove it and repeat!


  1. Include a subscribe setting Adding a subscription setting is a great way to get people to sign-up to get reoccurring emails that can lead them to your website and your social media. But don’t lie about what people will get if they do subscribe because that will make people feel like they are signing-up for ‘junk mail’.


  1. Make accessible for different platforms More than half of emails are read directly from smartphones, and a lot of the time email formats aren’t accessible to read via a mobile device. So, it is very crucial to make emails have multiple viewing formats, either in HTML or plain text formats. Keep the email clear and easy to read and navigate on mobile devices.


  1. Use a call to action Once you establish a call to action, it is clear what you should write for the overall email. Including a call to action makes the basis of your email simple, just need to create the overall bulk of the email to make the reader do what you intend. Such as, check out your website, share your blog, or buy the sale items!


  1. Don’t end up in a spam folder Ending up in the spam folder is the last thing any marketer wants! To avoid that in happening, provide a clear ‘unsubscribe’ asset in every email you send. Do not use words such as ‘As seen on’ and trigger words like ‘100% free’, these words may trick the email system and place you in the spam folder. Keep your email clean and do not try and trick your readers/subscribers in receiving mail that is misleading.


  1. Create a content calendar Having a content calendar is not only great for the practicality of your company’s marketing plan, but also for the fact that it keeps you accountable of your content. As well as it makes sure you avoid any repetition on your email campaigns! The calendar is also a great tactic for your company with keeping in mind holidays and special dates, so that you and your company can capitalize on the best content to place in your emails.
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