The Merge

­­­After months of planning, strategizing and execution, Monarch Insight is excited to announce their official merge with BrandClick, effective immediately! With the joined forces as BrandClick they cannot wait to continue on the path as a Digital Growth leader, that offers the best products and services in growth, marketing and development to their trusted partners.


Brand Click was founded with the purpose of helping brands grow in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. BC believes that Digital Growth comes in all shapes and sizes and being experts in their fields, they will help you reach your goals and scale your business. With collective years of experience working at high growth technology, development, marketing, and consumer organizations. BC has the knowledge to find, implement and create the best solutions and strategies to achieve your digital growth.


On behalf of the trusted partners who are coming from Monarch Insight; the joint venture of BrandClick wants to ensure you, with the merge of businesses your services will not be affected! And without any of you none of this would have ever been possible. With this in mind BC would like to reiterate that you, the clients are still their most important priority. BrandClick’s mission statement being, “Immerse ourselves in your business, treat your team as our own and do whatever it takes to achieve your digital growth.” They will continue to strive to be the perfect partner for your company’s digital journey. Providing endless technologies, solutions, and strategies out there, while being the team that understands your vision and goals, to come up with the best game plan to get you there.


Standing for more than just work, BrandClick is looking forward to advancing your company to it’s ultimate best. Whether it be digital strategy, custom website and mobile application development, to digital marketing and advertising. BC knows every company has unique needs and goals. Tell them yours and begin strategizing today!


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