COVID-19: The Rise Of Technology

Author: Brittany Kaufman 

In March 2020, the world was issued a stay-at-home order. With everyone’s jobs, schools, and more being closed people started getting creative with their lives to keep busy. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies due to the social distancing norms and nationwide lockdowns. People and organizations all over the world have had to adjust to new ways of work and life. We explore possible scenarios of the digital surge and the research issues that arise.

Growth of eCommerce after COVID-19An increase in tech digitalization was pushing more people to stay at home and work their daily lives. Something that has come out of the lockdown and become very important is Blockchain technology. What Blockchain will do is it will capture important data and will research on design regulations to continue helping the future within different platforms.

Something huge that COVID-19 triggered was the digital and e-commerce turning point. As the pandemic lockdown seemed to be a more normal thing than not, business and consumers actually greatly increased by “going digital”, raising e-commerce’s share of global retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020. These and other findings are showcased in a new report, COVID-19 and E-Commerce: A Global Review, by UNCTAD and eTrade for all partners, reflecting on the powerful global and regional industry transformations recorded throughout 2020.

COVID E-Commerce Trends

The digital economy boomed during the COVID-19 crisis. People took full advantage of staying home and embraced the stay-at-home order to social distance. With this being said, everyone who had access to it turned to online shopping more than ever. While companies were doing more online orders than ever, they decided to focus more on different technologies that would increase their sales as well as customer satisfaction rates. Some of the most popular technology trends were…

  1. New trending product categories

  2. Lower Loyalty

  3. Contactless Payments

  4. Coronavirus friendly-fulfillment

  5. Social Media Shopping

With almost everyone having access to a phone, laptop, tablet and so on it was almost too easy to do everything online. You wouldn’t have to leave your house for months due to the advancing technologies that have just been improved greatly specifically during the pandemic. Personally, I remember during the lockdown, the amount of money I was spending without physically moving from the same spot all day almost is painful to think about. That’s the thing with this though, every single social media platform you are on is technically running advertisements frequently, even these “big-time influencers” are just marketing different brands that are being sent to them as a percentage. We are constantly being exposed to this and especially now more than ever.

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