Freelancer vs. Digital Agency Marketing

As a business owner, you become accustomed with many moving parts and figuring out how to properly allocate responsibilities can start to feel overwhelm. Why it is important to confidently trust who your business chooses to build out your marketing.


Creating a successful business relies heavily on an accurately planned marketing approach. And who you choose to build out your marketing strategy makes all the difference; one can go with a digital agency or decide to go with the freelance marketer route.


At the beginning of establishing your business, it might have made sense to do your digital marketing in-house but with the growth of your company it has become a full-time in itself.

, Freelancer vs. Digital Agency Marketing


Why is the choice between a freelancer vs. digital agency so difficult?


The options are endless, when it comes to searching for marketing assistance. However, finding the right marketer for your business niche is crucial. It is important to know that marketing professionals are not a one-size-fits-all, some marketers might know the ins-and-outs about the healthcare industry but know nothing regarding the fashion industry.


Freelancer vs. Digital Agency


A freelancer is an independent marketing consultant who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer. Freelancing has become rather common, especially once COVID-19 hit. To compare a digital agency is a larger team of marketing professionals that work for a larger hierarchical company that works in a team setting.


To circle back to the statement not all businesses have the same needs, which is why it can be a difficult task to choose the best marketer option for your company. Some companies need a single individual who understands the business’ message, while other companies may prefer having a marketing agency that has multiple working and collaborating to create the best plan of action for your industry., Freelancer vs. Digital Agency Marketing


Pros & cons of freelancer vs. digital agency


Freelancers tend to be well-rounded individuals who previously worked at a marketing agency and became accustomed to understanding a few different industries. In which gives way to having a broader perspective when it comes to marketing. But with that said it can be a challenge to find a freelancer who specializes specifically in your field of industry, as well as they are a single person, and it may be more of a challenge to get them to be understand your company fully with the ins and outs. When it comes to time and service allocated to your business’ needs a freelancer works on their own schedule and will tend to be able to provide excellent service to ensure your needs are met. Since most freelancers will work remotely, they can also do the opposite where they will disappear on a moment’s notice. When it comes to priority level, freelancers tend to have a smaller workload that can translate into having more time to complete your projects, which is similar to having an in-house marketing professional. Due to lack of resources that some freelancers may face, it could take a freelancer twice the amount of time to complete a project. Most freelancers are willing to work on a relatively flexible schedule that goes outside the usual 9-5 slot, however, that may translate in a higher hourly wage than compared to most digital agencies.


Digital agencies tend to specialize in group collaborations so it is important to note that these marketers will bring to the table a variety of different skills and different ideas. The team of individuals will allocae for more creativity amongst the marketing goals. Yet, you may not get to pick specifically what individual in the agency who gets to work on your company’s project. The service provided from a digital agency will be more professional and have more overall structure, with routine meetings in order to check the progress of each task for your business. As well as an agency will have more resources available to complete projects quickly and efficiently. When it comes to flexibility, a marketing agency can fall short due to the fact that most evolve around the typical 9-5 workplace schedule. But most agencies have a team working together to complete tasks before the end of their day deadline.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make when deciding between a freelancer or digital agency, both will provide adequate results and a high-quality product. It is important to pick the best for your company’s end-goal.

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